Map Ranking

Ragnar the Younger

Ragnar the Younger
Opponents defeated: 4.288.876 (70.)
Tribe: -V-

Villages (3) Coordinates Points
375|463 4.306
BA3OB village
373|465 5.321
365|489 10.395
Personal picture
Personal text
Axeman"If you want land or silver, you have to take it."Axeman

Hey yo, Optical, aren't you sleeping? Don't you go to work? Don't you go out with friends to a football match for beer or coffee ?! Aren't you having sex? Don't you have a personal life? Dude, stop for a second. As much as i to taking a village! I don't want anything else in this game. Just one fucking village!
You're crazy, bro! Stop, look around! Get out of the matrix!
Sincerely, Ragnar